Deep Bay Improvement District

Current Watering Restrictions: None – see below for details
Conservation always encouraged to ensure water for fire protection.

For more info:

Current fire danger: Low

Burning allowed with permit.

Please remember to check the venting index
Campfires are Permitted

Deep Bay Improvement District – 250-757-9312

Fire Department – 250-757-2030

Technical Reports and Operational Documents

This is the place to find all the documents that are technical in nature or have to do with the operation of the Improvement District. Some of our older reports are not available in electronic format. Copies are available in the Bowser Library or can be viewed at the office.

Engineering Reports

Water Tank Condition Assessment
Herold Engineering Report, February 2024

Reservoir and Disinfection Issues Q & A
MSR Solutions, November 2023

Reservoir Study
MSR Solutions, October 2023

Water System Evaluation Report
McElhanney Engineering, June 2023

Thompson Clarke West Watermain Review
McElhanney Engineering, April 2023

Asbestos Cement Pipe Replacement Report
McElhanney Engineering, April 2023

Aquifer and Well Protection Plan
Payne Report,
October 2016

Water System Report Review and Update
McElhanney Consulting Services, September 2014

Reservoir Evaluation
Herold Engineering Ltd, September 2009

Water System Evaluation
McElhanney Engineering, February 2008

Hydrology – Third Party Review

Groundwater Feasibility Study
Guiton Environmental Consulting, September 2013

Assessment of Well Field
Guiton Environmental Consulting, November 2014

Other Technical Reports

Groundwater at Risk of Containing Pathogens (GARP) Assessment
Waterline Resources, September 2023

Watermain Remediation Update, 4891 Thompson Clark West
McElhanney Engineering, August 2022

Reservoir Replacement Assessment
McElhanney Engineering, March 2022

Watermain Crossing, 4891 Thompson Clark West
McElhanney Engineering, August 2021

Future Right-of-Way Review, 4891 Thompson Clark West
McElhanney Engineering, July 2021

Reservoir Operating Level Review
McElhanney Engineering, December 2017

AC Pipe Evaluation
Levelton Consultants Ltd, December 2008

Groundwater Study
Pacific Hydrology, March 2007

Drought Management Plan
h 2005

Implications of Aquifer Test of Deep Bay Wells
Pacific Hydrology, March 1997

Evaluation of Results of Testing of Well 7-96
Pacific Hydrology Consultants, June 1996

Evaluation of Ground Water Potential SW Corner of DL 28
Pacific Hydrology Consultants Ltd, August 1995

Ground Water Supply Potential SW Corner of DL 28
Pacific Hydrology Consultants Ltd, December 1991


Operational Documents

Prepared by the Ministry of Community Services as a guide for improvement district trustees, staff and others who have an interest in the administration and operation of improvement districts.

Developed by the Ministry of Community Development, this handbook is intended to introduce trustees to the fundamentals of improvement districts and explain the role of the trustees. This handbook is also useful for anyone interested in becoming a trustee, or who wants a better understanding of how improvements districts are governed.