Deep Bay Improvement District

Current Watering Restrictions: None – see below for details
Conservation always encouraged to ensure water for fire protection.

For more info:

Current fire danger: Low

Burning allowed with permit.

Please remember to check the venting index
Campfires are Permitted

Deep Bay Improvement District – 250-757-9312

Fire Department – 250-757-2030

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Effective January 2023 base rate is $49.50 every three months.  No consumption is included in this base.  Usage is charged at $.53/cubic meter for the first 50 cubic meters; $.66/cubic meter for the next 50 cubic meters and $1.09/cubic meter for remaining consumption over 100 cubic meters. 
  • The quarterly water tolls fund the annual operational budget of the waterworks.
  • 1 cubic meter = 1000 litres or 220 imperial gallons

Water tolls are invoiced every three months.  Invoices are mailed out the first week of January, April, July and October after the water meters have been read.  The base rate is billed in advance.  For example the invoice sent out in April will include the base rate for April, May and June and consumption for the previous three month period of January, February and March.

Due date for water tolls are clearly marked on the invoice.  Typically invoices are due 30 days after the billing date.  Payments received after the due date are subject to a late payment penalty as per DBID bylaws.

  • The annual Parcel Tax is part of the Waterworks budget.  All monies collected as Parcel Tax are put aside in a Renewal Reserve Fund to be used for the renewal of the existing waterworks infrastructure. 
  • The annual Fire Protection Tax is used to fund both the operational and capital budgets of the Deep Bay Volunteer Fire Department. 
  • All budgets are reviewed annually prior to setting tax rates for the coming year.
  • Note for 2024 – The 2024 Parcel and Fire Protection taxes will be mailed out with the April water bills this year. They will be due on May 15th. The typical schedule will resume for 2025 – The Parcel and Fire Protection taxes invoice is mailed out with the January water tolls invoice.  Taxes are due by February 28th of the current year.  Payments received after this date are subject to a late payment penalty as per DBID bylaws. 
  • Taxes are parcel based and rates are determined by how your property has been classified.  In November of each year, an assessment role is created for all properties in the district and an assessment notice is sent to all owners indicated how their property has been classified.  For further information on classifications, please refer to the current assessment bylaw here.
  • Taxes for a residential property for 2023 are: $336 for Parcel tax, $336 for Fire Protection.  For information on tax rates for all classifications, please refer to tax bylaws here.
  • Payment by cheque – mailed to the DBID office or in person.  Post-dated cheques are accepted.
  • Payment by cash – in person at the DBID office (please do not mail cash)
  • On-line through your financial institute – DBID is able to receive electronic payments from most banks and credit unions.  You can set this up yourself through your financial institution.  We are not set up to receive payments from RBC, HSBC or National Bank at this time.
  • E-Transfer – See your financial institution for details.
  • Pre-authorized payment (PAP) – PAP is available for all financial institutions.  If you would like to set up a PAP please complete the application(s) (Quarterly Water Tolls and/or Annual Parcel and Fire Protection Tax) and return, signed, with a blank, voided, cheque.  Further detail is provided on the application. 
  • Campfires (no larger than .5 m in height and .5 m. width and used for recreational purposes) do not require a permit and are allowed providing that there are no restrictions to open burning
  • Fire permits are required for all Category 2 fires from April 15  – October 15.  Category 2 fires include burn barrels and are less than three meters in diameter and two meters in height.
  • No material other than low moisture content garden refuse may be burned at any time. 
  • No open burning is permitted unless the venting index is “GOOD”. See Fire Department or Home tab on this website for latest ventilation index forecast or check the Interactive Ventilation Index for BC  – Central Vancouver Island to confirm if burning is permitted. Venting index information is available at: BC Air Quality or call 1-888-281-2992
  • Category 3 fires (greater than three meters in diameter and two meters in height) require a permit at all times. 
  • Permits are available from fire department members – please call 250.757.2030.  Also please watch the hazard rating signs at the top of Jamieson and Gainsberg Roads.  During times of HIGH and EXTREME hazard, no permits will be issued.  NO OPENING BURNING means no burning of any kind including campfires.
  • See Fire Regulations Bylaw No. 223 for full detail regarding regulations and restrictions.