Deep Bay Improvement District

5031 Mountainview Road
Bowser, BC
V0R 1G0
Office Hours:
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Monday to Friday 
DBID Office & Fire Hall is closed to the public until further notice
Current fire danger: Moderate 
OPEN BURNING: Permit Required. Campfires OK.
For more info call 250-757-2030

Current Watering Restrictions: NONE    For more info:

Current Bylaws and Policies
Bylaws are legal documents containing rules passed by a majority of the trustees.  Prior to January 2009 a bylaw enacted by a board of trustees did not come into effect until it was registered with the Inspector of Municipalities. 
Following a two-year consultative process, the legislation was changed to allow specific types of bylaws to come into effect as soon as they are enacted by the board of trustees.  This includes the following: Tolls, Agreements, Reserve Fund Establishment/Disbursement, CEC Disbursement, Assessment, Connection Charge, Miscellaneous Charge and Officer Position Establishment.
Please note, some of the older bylaws that are still current are not yet available in electronic format.

Bylaws - These copies are provided for information only.  Certified copies are available for viewing at the DBID office.
Bylaw No. 240 - Taxation Bylaw 2020

Bylaw No. 239 - Fire Hall Renewal Borrowing Bylaw 2019

Bylaw No. 236 - Water Tolls Bylaw 2019

Bylaw No. 235 - Taxation Bylaw 2019

Bylaw No. 234 - 2017 Renewal Reserve Disbursement Seaview/Longview Design

Bylaw No. 233 - 2017 Renewal Reserve Disbursement Well #6

Bylaw No. 232 - Taxation Bylaw 2018

Bylaw No. 231 -  2017 Renewal Reserve Disbursement Well #8

Bylaw No. 230 - 2016 Capital Works Renewal Reserve Disbursement

Bylaw No. 228 - Taxation Bylaw 2017

Bylaw No. 227 - Well #4 SRW Agreement Bylaw

Bylaw No. 225 - Water Tolls Bylaw No. 225 (Effective January 1, 2016)

Bylaw No. 224 - 2015 Capital Works Renewal Reserve Fund Disbursement

Bylaw No. 223 - Fire Regulations Bylaw

Bylaw No. 222 - Comprehensive Capital Expenditure Charge (Water)

Bylaw No. 220 - Eleventh Assessment Bylaw (Classifications)

Bylaw No. 214 - Tax Sale Charge Bylaw

Bylaw No. 208 - Connection Charge Bylaw

Bylaw No. 206 - Fire Department Establishment and Operations

Bylaw No. 205 - 2009 Capital Works, Renewal Reserve Fund Establishment

Bylaw No. 202 - Meeting Procedures

Bylaw No. 185 - Water Distribution Regulation Bylaw - Consolidated

Bylaw No. 169 - Bare-Land Strata Subdivision Water Regulations Bylaw

Bylaw No. 168 - Subdivision Water Regulation Bylaw

Bylaw No. 124 - Cross Connection Regulation Bylaw

In the case of leak in the service line between the meter and house.

Policies and procedures to conduct a a trustee election for the DBID.

Policies and procedures necessary for the release of information by the DBID to the public.

Policy to  protect DBID ratepayers, employees, contractors, volunteers and trustees' legal right to privacy of their personal information under DBID's custody and control.

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